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Nestled in the heart of bustling Asoke, Emotion is your oasis of European flavors. We're among the top restaurants in Asoke, just steps away from the Asoke BTS station. Come dine with us, and let your taste buds savor the experience!

Restaurants in Asoke
Restaurants in Asoke

Emotion is a treasure in Bangkok! Finally, a place that serves stellar European cuisine without the hefty price tag. From their divine beef cheeks to the upbeat ambiance and fantastic service, it's a food lover's paradise!

Alex Ermolov

Emotion impresses with its exquisite interior and prompt service. The beef cheek was a delight, and the complimentary bread with amazing butter started our meal off right. Though some dishes were missed, the experience was undoubtedly memorable!

Tan Lueng

Blown away by Emotion! The culinary finesse, enchanting flavors, and warm atmosphere were just the beginning. Friendly staff made our dining experience unforgettable. A must-visit for anyone seeking culinary perfection!

Oeychaoey J


Discover Emotion's culinary gems in the heart of Asoke! From our Melt-in-your-mouth beef cheeks to the irresistible Rum Baba with berries and mascarpone, every bite promises a delightful surprise. Taste the best of Europe, all in one plate at one of the finest restaurants in Asoke!